Cookies policy

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small files that collect information about your browsing on a certain web page. This information allows the site to remember that you have previously visited the website, what is your preferred language or other information that can improve your user experience.
What are the main functions of a cookie?
In principle, the most important thing is to keep track of users, so when a user writes his name and password, this information is stored in a cookie so that every time he accesses that page he does not have to enter it again.
On the other hand, they are also important to get information about the user navigation model. In this way, the weak points of the site can be detected and corrected so that the user experience is as satisfactory as possible.

What cookies do we use?

Use Category Example
Technical and Functional We use some cookies that are essential for the operation of the website. For example, cookies allow us to remember the information that the user supplies when moving from one page to another. Without them, the user could not navigate the website or use some functions. For these cookies we use Cookie Control which is the most standard format:
Analytics Analytics We use analytics cookies (Google Analytics) to have information on user visits, the most viewed content … This allows us to improve user navigation.
Social We have integrated buttons on the website that allow users to share content on social networks. These buttons usually use cookies that are specific to each social network.

What do we use them for?
To improve the experience of our users on the site.

How can I configure cookies in my browser?
Internet Explorer:

where can I get more information?
What is a cookie?

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